Mind Body Studio Classes

Mind Body Studio Classes

Mind Body Studio Classes

Monday Flow
x Anja Endenstad


5:30PM - Mondays

Join Anja for a Monday vinyasa flow session. All levels

Sound Ceremony

X Sophia Tullio


6PM - Thursday March 21st

Embark on a journey of deep relaxation and healing with our Sophia's Sound Ceremony session. Immerse yourself in a symphony of sound vibrations from ancient instruments. Release tension, restore balance, and reconnect with your inner harmony in this sacred space of tranquility.

Yoga Nidra + Group Acupuncture
x Heather George


6PM - Friday March 22nd

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a guided practice that induces deep relaxation & recalibration of our mind, body, & spirit. There is evidence that Yoga Nidra helps relieve stress & support healing on many levels. Auricular Acupuncture is a classical medical practice that can treat the whole body, mind, & spirit as well. The ‘five needle protocol’ is the main protocol used in this class. It has been studied & used extensively by both the military & addiction recovery centers around the world.

This class offers our community a clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free, cross-cultural treatment opportunity that can be integrated with all other forms of medicine & healthcare.

Tea Ceremony

X Madelyn Sullivab


10AM - Saturday March 23rd

The ceremony starts with a guided meditation to awaken the senses and connect as a group. We share three silent rounds of tea, dedicating each to something meaningful. Then, a cleansing round of hot water leads to open conversation. Each ceremony reflects the current season, fostering a connection to nature. Somatic releases, tears, and inner wisdom often emerge alongside moments of wonder and laughter.