Jonathan Trivas

Jonathan Trivas

Jonathan Trivas

Jonathan is on a mission to empower others to achieve their optimal wellbeing.

As a D1 college tennis player, with over 10 years of yoga training and extensive exploration of qi gong, tai chi and rolfing, Jonathan has formulated a way to feel his absolute best. He has pursued his passions in various paths of entrepreneurship, ultimately leading him to his favorite project yet here at Base State. Jonathan believes that daily use of sauna and cold plunge can have a profound impact on your health and can transform your life altogether. Like many people, Jonathan used to suffer from back pain that was debilitating at times. Through regular use of infrared sauna, cold immersion, and his diet, he was able to dramatically reduce his internal chronic inflammation and heal his back. Jonathan’s study of nutrition and body work, paired with his dedication for these modalities, make for a very helpful guide to healing one's self as naturally as possible. Whether it’s through contrast therapy in our hot + cold rooms, IV infusions, a recharge in the hyperbaric chamber, a red light session or just a feel-good massage- Jonathan can coach you to finding the healthiest version of yourself.


Morning pool laps followed by sauna, cold plunge and a grass-fed, grass-finished ribeye steak.


The Aspen Snowmass Chess Club on Tuesday nights.


Invest in your health now, or give 10x more to your disease later.